Propel your career

Newly graduated women who are unemployed or underemployed will get some additional help to find a job in their field of study, thanks to a new partnership between Toronto Pearson International Airport’s community investment program the Propeller Project, and Job Skills.

Propel Your Career program will help women graduates leverage their education and find work that is truly rewarding—both professionally and financially. Through Propel Your Career, we can provide participants with the tools and skills necessary to break out from being stuck in the underemployment trap into a career that better matches their education, training, and experience. Using an intensive “boot camp” model, Job Skills will provide the resources, supports, and motivation to help these women overcome the challenges of underemployment and inspire them to reach their career goals.

The boot camps are designed to be an immersive, intensive, highly experiential, and applied short-term training intervention. Following the “3-day boot camp”, all participants will be connected with an Employment Ontario Employment Services provider to receive additional assistance if required, ensuring that they continue to move forward in their career aspirations.

Learn about
  • How to develop your plan for a new career path
  • Networking skills that really work
  • Connecting with mentors and employers in your field
Program ContactS
  • Toll-free – 1-866-592-6278
  • Local – 905-453-7896
  • Recent graduates (less than 10 years) with a degree/diploma outside the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)
  • Not working in their field of study (unemployed or underemployed)
  • Work does not leverage education, training, and experience

Funded by: Toronto Pearson International Airport’s community investment program, the Propeller Project

Tatenda M.
Self-employment Pathways for Newcomers

Having just gotten to Canada about 2 weeks ago this was the most valuable experience I have had. I have run my own business in the past and appreciate that execution and time management is one of the most important things I can focus on. I got so much value from the slides and the conversation today because this was insight that would have taken me months to gather.