Board of Directors

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Make a difference – Volunteer on Job Skills’ Board OF DIRECTORS

Every year, Job Skills helps more than 15,000 unemployed/underemployed individuals to reach their employment goals and help employers to find skilled workers to meet their goals.

Job Skills is looking for professional, motivated and dynamic leaders to join our board to bring their expertise, provide leadership and governance to help us to continue to grow and meet our community’s ever-changing needs.

Are you ready to lend a hand and volunteer on our Board of Directors?

  • Use your skills to make an impact in your community
  • Broaden your connections and build valuable networks
  • Enhance your resume by sitting on a diverse board
  • Be an ambassador for an organization providing 30+ years of community service
Join Us.

Board of Directors

Current Board of Directors

  • Pat Neil, Board Chair
  • Angelo Mariano, Vice-Chair
  • Els Schaefer, Vice-Chair/ Secretary
  • Maggie Yang, Treasurer
  • Joseph Adler, Director
  • Janet Hicks, Director
  • Susan Kates, Director
  • George Lyberogiannis, Director
  • Ziah Sumar, Director

Primary Responsibilities

  • Understand, support and look for opportunities in the community through which to further the Mission and Vision of Job Skills;
  • Learn and remain up to date on the programs and services offered by the Agency;
  • Participate in the building of the Agency’s annual Strategic Plan (annual Board retreat approximately 12 hours in length, usually held in January of each year);
  • Provide direction to and evaluate the implementation of the Agency’s Strategic Plan, Operating Plan and an annual budget in partnership with the Executive Director;
  • Prepare for, attend and participate in evening Board Meetings, the last Tuesday of each month, 10 times/year (2 to 2½ hours in length) at selected Job Skills’ facilities;
  • Be accessible for contact by Board counterparts and/or the Agency’s Executive Director (or a representative) between Board Meetings;
  • Maintain the highest level of standards regarding the fiduciary management of the Agency and establishment of the Corporation’s By-Laws;
  • Serve on a minimum of two of the Board’s Standing and/or Ad Hoc Sub-Committees including Personnel, Finance, Board Governance, Board Recruitment, and Nominating. (This requires a number of meetings per year plus individual committee task completion time averaging approximately 2-6 hours per month);
  • Participate in scheduled Board/Director self-review processes;
  • Attend Agency events as scheduling permits.