Bridge to Health Care Alternatives

Job Skills is pleased to announce that the Bridge to Health Care Alternatives program will once again support internationally trained health care professionals with finding a related career in Canada.

Over the last three years, the program supported 230+ internationally trained professionals with health care work experience to find an alternative career path in their new country. This online program focuses on helping individuals look at career paths in the non-regulated health care industry where certification may not be required.

Participants receive an in depth overview of the Canadian workplace values and expectations, while also learning Canadian workplace terminology and communication. Participants will learn about current job search techniques and develop strategies to enter the Canadian workforce.  

There will be scheduled, facilitator-led online workshops and group discussions held Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. (schedule to be determined).

Access our e-learning platform to gain the knowledge to succeed in your job search.

Learn about
  • Canadian workplace values and expectations
  • Health care terminology and communication
  • Current job search techniques and strategies
  • Completing a work placement
  • Participating in virtual employer networking events
  • Linking with an experienced health care professional mentor
  • Receiving ongoing coaching and job search supports
  • Call – 1-866-592-6278
  • Permanent resident, convention refugee, landed immigrant or live-In caregiver
  • Internationally educated professional with a recognized degree in health care or a related field
  • Have a minimum of two years of work experience in health care outside of Canada
  • English language level equal to CLB7
  • Resides in York Region and Toronto

Funded by: Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada

Tatenda M.
Self-employment Pathways for Newcomers

Having just gotten to Canada about 2 weeks ago this was the most valuable experience I have had. I have run my own business in the past and appreciate that execution and time management is one of the most important things I can focus on. I got so much value from the slides and the conversation today because this was insight that would have taken me months to gather.