Five Qualities to Promote Yourself for a Position


It has become clear that we face the most challenging business and employment landscape in the Province’s history.

COVID-19 has brought hiring to a standstill for many employers, and in some cases, causing businesses to shut their doors completely.  However, to some companies (especially those considered ‘essential’), hiring has only ramped up.  This can present challenges for young people just by the sheer volume of resumes these postings may attract.

If you are looking for work, remember you may have valuable qualities to present to an employer looking to hire.

Consider these five qualities when promoting yourself for a position that can make you stand out to an employer:

  1. Have a Long Term Mindset: Employers will try to determine a candidate’s long-term potential. Doing your research will show a passion for the company and speak to how the opportunity fits into your goals; enthusiasm for a role may show an employer you are interested in learning and staying with the company.
  2. Be Adaptable: It is no secret that younger employees tend to be more adaptable and are receptive to learning new things and gaining new experiences. This is especially true in the COVID-19 landscape, where companies are experiencing rapid change. Letting an employer know you are eager to learn lets them know you can move between different sets of tasks and that you are a strong team player ready to pitch in where needed.
  3. Technology Smarts: As the world of work continues to rely on technology to improve business efficiencies, youth are in an excellent position to capitalize on the trend. Youth have grown up with the internet and are, most likely, exceptionally technically savvy. Letting them know you embrace technology means you can be part of a company’s success and assist in creating more efficiencies and ideas for advancement.
  4. Social Media: Understanding the wide variety of social media tools available is always an asset. Although it may not be directly linked to a core job’s functions, social media plays a large role in promoting an employer’s brand.  If you are social media savvy, you are in a prime position to communicate your voice and share it with your networks to be a company’s brand champion to customers and potential talent.
  5. Embrace Leadership: Even youth can be valuable leaders who can help set businesses apart in the changing world. If you’ve had leadership roles in past employment or past community experiences, don’t forget to promote these qualities to an employer.  Employers are most likely to invest in future employees that can learn, adapt and thrive in the post-COVID-19 economy.


Younger employees can bring fresh ideas to businesses since they come from a different generation with different ways of thinking. Hiring young employees can be beneficial to any company trying to attract younger customers.   They can help create marketing ideas that appeal to their age group and suggest fresh ways to run a business. Marketing yourself and your talents can put you ‘ahead of the crowd’ in today’s competitive job market.


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