Employers – Virtual Hiring Events

Are you in a hurry to hire? Having trouble filling a particular position? Do you need to hire more than one or two employees? Do you want to screen candidates before meeting them in-person? A Job Skills virtual hiring event can help you meet your hiring needs. 

This is not your average online job fair. A Job Skills virtual hiring event is an event customized to your business’s unique hiring needs. We sit with you (virtually or in-person) to identify clearly your hiring needs and come back with a customized solution.

Job Skills has more than 30 years’ experience supporting businesses with their hiring needs.

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  • Help you identify and list your hiring needs and criteria
  • Source pre-screened, qualified candidates
  • Help you with the technology you’ll need to interview the candidates – we use Zoom meetings for our hiring events
  • Host you and the candidates via a Zoom meeting on the event date – you don’t have to do anything except log into Zoom at the required time and interview your candidates. We will take care of the rest
  • Book the time and date of the virtual hiring event, and book individual interview times for the candidates
  • Post-interview will debrief with you on the candidates and discuss which ones you’d like to go forward with, identifying next steps

Funded (in part) by: the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario


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