The Practice Firm is a safe and supportive environment designed to assist Ukrainian and Newcomer clients with learning what is required to integrate seamlessly into the Canadian workplace. Clients will interact and build relationships with others, settling into a new environment and having a shared experience.

The Practice Firm enables clients to build networks, practice hands-on skills, gain confidence with workplace language through practical exercises/projects, learn about Canadian workplace norms and engage with guest speakers, including CMHA and sector-specific experts, to assist them with their employment and wellness goals.

Clients will participate in developing a personalized return to work action plan and receive one-on-one career coaching while working with a Facilitator/Coach and Employer Relations Specialist to attain a positive outcome in finding employment.

The Practice Firm program is eight (8) weeks of supported job preparation in sectors such as administration, data entry, accounting/bookkeeping, sales, purchasing, information systems, computer graphics, human resources, communications, and marketing.

Visit us Monday to Friday, 10 am to 2 pm in person at the Markham North Welcome Centre

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Practice Firms can provide real hands-on work experience in the following positions:

  • Administration
  • Communications
  • Data entry
  • Accounting/bookkeeping
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Information systems
  • Computer graphics
  • Human resources

Unemployed Ukrainian and Newcomer persons who:

  • Convention Refugee or Permanent Resident, Ukrainian Temporary Resident or Protected Person
  • are job ready
  • are legally entitled to work in Canada
  • have a minimum English language level equivalent to CLB 5
Funded by:

FGF Brands
Job Skills Employer Hiring Event

FGF Brands would like to thank Job Skills for a job well done putting together a virtual career fair. The event exceeded our expectations and we were able to fill an opening. We would recommend their services in the future and look forward to continuing our partnership.

Kaniesia C.
Youth Entrepreneurship Program

It was a great feeling coming to the workshops each day to learn principles that could be implemented into my own business to enhance productivity. The business plan really opened up my insight into a lot of factors within my industry and business such as competitors, suppliers, and my target market.

Josephine G.

I am so grateful I had the opportunity to be part of a great program catered to women. I enjoyed the supportive environment which helped me to grow and learn and gain hands-on experience in a business setting. In addition, Simpact successfully prepared me and supported me in finding employment including being a great reference for me.

Sherry N.
Bridge to HR Online

Your online classes were not only full of knowledge but were also full of life. Your way of delivering the information was very enthusiastic, engaging, and motivating. When I shared with you that I have a good opportunity with Amazon, you walked with me… in order to improve my performance and this definitely contributed to my success in getting the job.

Saundra G.
Self-employment for Persons with Disabilities

This program is phenomenal! It has been such a welcoming place and the support from staff and other participants has been amazing. The whole work environment has been created as a safe place to be yourself and contribute your skillset at your comfort level… I had figuratively lost my voice, this program helped me find my voice.

Tatenda M.
Self-employment Pathways for Newcomers

Having just gotten to Canada about 2 weeks ago this was the most valuable experience I have had. I have run my own business in the past and appreciate that execution and time management is one of the most important things I can focus on. I got so much value from the slides and the conversation today because this was insight that would have taken me months to gather.