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Technology & Equipment Lending program

Job Skills is introducing a new technology and equipment lending program to help ensure those in need can be a part of the modern-day job search.

Job Skills provides laptops to support clients who have limited to no access to this equipment. This lending program will provide individuals that cannot access community services currently delivered virtually with access to vital equipment, including computers.

Valuable information has been pre-loaded on the laptop to assist you with your job search.

Information includes:
  • Cold Calling Tips
  • Networking Ideas
  • Functional Resume Examples
  • Cover Letter Examples
  • Preparing for the Interview Tips


  • 1-866-592-6278
  • Must be currently registered with any Job Skills program or service (to register contact
  • Must have a government-issued ID (for students (under 16) a school picture ID needed)
  • Must have an email address
  • Must have a fixed address
  • No designated or outdated technical equipment in a household with the capability to access Job Skills’ programs and be able to job search
  • Must have basic computer skills

Funded by: the Government of Canada