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There is no tool more important in the workplace than communication. What’s important to remember is that we don’t communicate only with words. Our facial expressions and body language say just as much as our verbal communication. It’s essential to master using and reading body language. Messages can be lost if we’re only interpreting the words. Here are three crucial facts about body language to make things easier.

Body Language is Powerful 

Somebody’s body language can tell us more about their emotions than anything they say. Think about a poker player; opponents are always trying to figure out what they’re doing just by their body language. It’s no different in the workplace. Body language can project confidence, anxiety, emotions, and many other moods. Because body language is so powerful, we must respect its impact on communication. We must ensure that we are projecting what we want others to see. We also have to be able to read what others are trying to project on us.

It Takes Practice 

Mastering body language comes naturally to some people. For others, it isn’t as easy. One way to master body language is to practice. It might sound a little silly, but posing in front of the mirror and practicing our non-verbal messages will go a long way. Practicing techniques like power posing so that we’re consistently projecting and feeling confident will assist in better communication.

Humans Are Hardwired to Read Emotions

Emotions play a critical role in how we communicate with each other. Humans are hardwired to read emotions and respond accordingly to what we’re reading. Body language tells us a lot about how somebody feels at that moment. We need to be able to recognize the emotions of others and adjust our interactions to encourage full participation. We also want to ensure that our body language sends the right message.

Body language is only a piece of communication, but it plays a crucial role. Using our body language to practice reading others and ensuring we send the right message will be critical to shaping our communication style. Keeping in mind that emotions play a large part in communication, understanding body language will move us toward becoming great communicators.

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