In a world where traditional career paths are rapidly evolving, finding one’s footing can be a challenge, especially for the youth. However, amidst these challenges lies a beacon of hope and opportunity – Job Skills’ Youth Entrepreneurship Program. Aimed at empowering young entrepreneurs in York and Peel regions, this initiative is opening doors to self-employment that many young people never knew existed or felt were closed to them due to various employment barriers. In this post, we will take a closer look at what the program entails, who it’s for, and how it’s shaping the business leaders of tomorrow.

What is the Youth Entrepreneurship Program?

The Youth Entrepreneurship Program is a comprehensive 14-week course designed to equip young individuals, aged 15-30, with the tools, skills, and confidence needed to launch and run their successful enterprises. Recognizing the untapped potential within this age group, the program offers a robust curriculum covering various aspects of business ownership.

From developing a viable business plan to understanding the nitty-gritty of marketing strategies and navigating the legal landscape of entrepreneurship, the program leaves no stone unturned. But beyond the technical skills, it’s the transformation of young participants into confident, capable leaders ready to take on the business world that stands as the program’s true accomplishment.

Who is it For?

Job Skills’ Youth Entrepreneurship Program targets individuals between the ages of 15 and 30 living in York and Peel regions who are eager to start their own business but face employment barriers. These barriers could range from lack of access to financial resources, limited networking opportunities, to simply not knowing where to begin.

The program is particularly noteworthy for its inclusive approach, encouraging applications from all young people, regardless of their background or level of business expertise. Whether you have a fully fleshed-out business idea or a mere spark of entrepreneurial spirit, the program is designed to nurture and transform that potential into reality.

Program Highlights

  • Interactive Online Workshops: Participants engage in detailed sessions that cover everything from idea validation to financial management, all conducted by seasoned professionals and successful entrepreneurs.
  • One-on-One Coaching: A unique feature of the program is the personalized coaching each participant receives from a dedicated Business Coach. This mentorship is tailored to address the individual needs and challenges of each aspiring entrepreneur, providing them with priceless insights and guidance.
  • Practical Learning: The curriculum is designed to reflect real-world business scenarios, thereby equipping participants with practical tools and strategies they can immediately apply to their startups.
  • Community Building: Beyond the formal learning, the program fosters a vibrant community of young entrepreneurs, offering them opportunities to network, collaborate, and support one another.


The success of the Youth Entrepreneurship Program can be measured not just by the businesses it helps launch, but by the profound impact it has on the lives of its participants. Many graduates of the program have gone on to establish successful ventures across various sectors, contributing positively to their local economies and communities.

Getting Involved

For young people in York and Peel regions looking to carve out their path in the world of business, Job Skills’ Youth Entrepreneurship Program offers an unparalleled opportunity. Applications are open twice a year, with a competitive selection process ensuring that those with the most potential and drive are chosen.


Job Skills’ Youth Entrepreneurship Program stands as a testament to what can be achieved when young people are given the resources, support, and encouragement to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions. By investing in the next generation of business leaders, we’re not just supporting individual dreams; we’re fostering a more vibrant, innovative, and inclusive economy for the future.

For anyone standing at the crossroads of their career, unsure of which path to take, consider this program not just as a learning opportunity, but as a launchpad to a lifetime of fulfillment, challenge, and success in the thrilling world of entrepreneurship.


Job Skills, a non-profit charitable community-based employment, and training organization has successfully delivered innovative programming for 35+ years across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and neighbouring regions. Since 1998 Job Skills has helped 4,800+ aspiring entrepreneurs plan and launch their businesses, including 1,700+ youth entrepreneurs. Job Skills continues their support and commitment to the success of the business community, engaging with 3000+ businesses across the GTA, assisting with recruitment, retention, and training services.

Job Skills’ employment specialists are there to answer any of your employment questions. Job Skills‘ staff offer solutions to all job seekers, including youth, newcomers, mature workers, persons with disabilities, and entrepreneurs. Job Skills’ knowledgeable team can help you make educated decisions, set goals, and create a strategy to help you become happier in your career. Job Skills works with local employers creating employment opportunities for Job Skills’ clients.

Thanks to government funding, Job Skills’ programs and services are free to all users. Job Skills have locations across Keswick, Stouffville, Markham, Brampton, and Mississauga. Job Skills also offers virtual services for community members unable to attend one of our offices for in-person activities.

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