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One of my favourite quotes is from former Super Bowl-winning champion Bruce Arians. Arians said, “no risk it, no biscuit.” For those who watch football, you know precisely what Arians means. For those who aren’t football fans, Arians is saying if you don’t take risks, you can’t win. Conservative people may disagree with the analogy, but Arians hit it right on the head. Sitting on the sidelines and playing it safe has limitations; sometimes, you have to bet on yourself.

Let’s make one thing clear. When I talk about taking risks, I mean taking educated risks. I’m not advising running across a busy highway for an adrenaline rush. When I say take a risk, it means weighing out the risk and reward, and when appropriate, take a risk and try to reap the rewards.

Earlier this week, Job Skills launched Compass Magazine. We’re not the first organization to publish a magazine, but this is the first time Job Skills has done it. Hundreds of hours went into producing Job Skills’ Compass Magazine. Thousands of more dollars were spent on printing it, and we’ll spend more time and money distributing it. We took a necessary risk to accomplish our goal of becoming the go-to employment agency in the community.

The only way Job Skills can accomplish its goal is to think big and be everywhere. Job Skills’ Compass Magazine may have a different effect than we hope for, or it could surpass all of our expectations. Until we know the results, we are comfortable with what we have done as an organization. Job Skills took a risk, and we’re waiting to see if it will pay off.

Whether it’s business or your personal life, sometimes you must take a leap of faith and believe in yourself. It’s perfectly normal to be nervous and have doubts. However, you can’t be afraid if you’re ready to move to the next level. You must cope with your anxieties and make yourself comfortable with your decision. Giving in to your doubts will only stunt your growth.

Take some time and evaluate your goals. Are you able to play it safe and still achieve everything you want? If not, it could be time to start thinking about some of your options. What risks would you be willing to take to move to the next level? Don’t be afraid of the risk. Understand what you’re risking, and bet on yourself.

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