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“I have been job searching for the last couple of months, and now I have been given two job offers at two companies. Both job offers have different benefits, and I can argue why I can accept either job. – What can I do to help me choose between two job offers?

Let me start by saying congratulations. The fact that two different organizations want to employ your services should help fill you with confidence. Choosing between two job offers can be challenging, especially when both have their benefits. I’ll do my best to guide you here; however, no matter what I say, it will always end with “it’s up to you.”

The first thing you need to do is build your priority list. Don’t look at the job offers, and don’t try to recall what they say. Think about what would make you the happiest in a new position. If one of the opportunities meets more of your priorities, then that might be your answer.

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Try to ask yourself what you value in a job. Company culture, tasks, commute, wage, and colleagues are just examples of some things to think about when considering accepting a job offer. Where are you going to feel the most comfortable? How did you feel during your job interviews? If you felt like you enjoyed one interview over the other, it might indicate that option A may be a better fit for you. Only you can look at both job offers and decide which one better fits your employment needs. If both jobs offer you the exact requirements, which one of the job offers meets more of your wants?

You must ask yourself tough questions and determine which is best for you.


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