6 tips to help you succeed in finding that next opportunity


Job searching is always a challenging task and here we are in another critical lockdown that can make it even more difficult.  But remember, EMPLOYERS, ARE STILL HIRING!!  Job Skills just completed a very successful ‘March Madness’ virtual hiring event with more than 20 employers with multiple job vacancies to fill.


Here are 6 tips to help you succeed in finding that next opportunity.

  1. Research, research, research – Many companies have been greatly impacted by COVID19, but still, need to meet the daily needs of their businesses. Employers must be creative to ensure their business survives and is still searching for workers. Research the company and its background to make a positive impression with the potential employer during an interview. Research the company’s website, LinkedIn account, talk to an employee of the company or checking out any recent news coverage they may have had.
  2. Build your network and schedule an informational interview– Informational interviews are structured conversations you have with people who work for a company that is of interest to you, but they are not job interviews. You need to schedule them, know who it is you want to speak with and know what you expect to gain from this type of interview. Many interviews today are being conducted through various online methods like FaceTime, ZOOM, Teams calls, texting and of course the standard phone call.
  3. Clean up your marketing tools, cover letter and resume – Hiring Managers are reviewing possible candidates through many sources like LinkedIn, Facebook and Indeed, so make sure your accounts are up to date.
    Structure your marketing documents/portfolio with your accomplishments, giving potential employers a good impression of what you bring to the table. This includes your skills in time management, written communication and working independently or in a team. Proofread your documents to eliminate any spelling or grammar mistakes.
  4. Monitor social media for prospective job opportunities – Many Canadian employers are using social media to advertise their open roles and to connect with job seekers. Check all social media being used in your local employment area. An Employment Consultant at Job Skills can assist you in setting up accounts on these sites so that prospects come directly to you and match your skills and what type of work you’re seeking.
  5. Prepare for video interviews – Learn how to use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, GoToMeeting or other video platforms an employer may identify. Make sure you have all the software and hardware tools to be able to use the platforms professionally and effectively. Check out Job Skills’ blog on “STRATEGIES TO PREPARE FOR A VIDEO INTERVIEW”.
  6. Be confident– Regardless of how long you have been job searching, getting back into the mindset can be daunting. The most important thing is that you remain confident in your abilities. Write down your skills and strengths on a piece of paper. Poll friends and family to share their feedback on where your strengths lie – they may offer suggestions that you had not previously considered.

Invest in Yourself

Count online workshops as professional development. Every workshop that you attend is an investment in yourself, your career, and your future.

As a way to help Job Skills has online workshops as well as lots of great links that will assist you in your current job search situation. Register for ‘Job Searching During COVID-19’ ON April 27th, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm.


If you haven’t connected with an Employment Consultant at Job Skills NOW is the time to get that one-on-one support you need as you move through the new way of working. Call Job Skills toll-free at 1-866-592-6278 to connect to one of Job Skill’s experts.