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We’re often faced with two choices; the easy and the hard. Often we’ll take the easy way because that’s usually the most logical decision. However, when things aren’t going our way, it’s easier to focus on the negative. When we face a great challenge, that’s the time that we should put in the more challenging work.

When we find ourselves in tough times, we should try and remember the words of Roy T. Bennett; “be positive, be true, and be kind.” In those tough times, we must follow Bennett’s comments the closest.

Sometimes when things are bad, the easiest thing to do is curl up on the couch, get lost in our thoughts, and wallow in self-pity. Though that’s the easiest thing for us to do, focusing on the positives in our lives is better for our mental and physical health. It’s also understandable that just saying ‘be positive’ is much easier than actually putting in the work. Making lists of all the good things in our lives is difficult when hostile forces pull firmly at us. But that’s when we need to work the hardest. We need to practice self-talk and acknowledge our value and worth. In the darkest of times, we need to take stock of our positive influences. It’s not easy, but we can acknowledge it’s not easy and still vow to put in the work.

Negativity isn’t the only factor we fight during difficult periods. Many times during the bad moments, we navigate off our true path. Sometimes it’s out of pure frustration or desperation, or we give up. Like putting in the work to stay positive, we must tackle staying true. True to others, true to our cause, and true to ourselves. The easy road will only take us to an unwanted destination. The problematic route is more prolonged, demanding, and challenging to navigate. However, when we come out on the other side, our dignity will be fully intact, and we’ll have self-respect.

Stay positive, stay true, and stay kind. When we’re faced with trouble, it’s easy to take our frustration out on others, even those who are trying to help. If we’re not careful, we can lose valuable allies and find ourselves alone. Controlling our emotions can be the most difficult challenge we will face in trying times. We need to fight the urge not to be hostile toward others but appreciate their presence and support – show gratitude and be kind. If not for them, then for us. We feel better when we’re kind, and that kindness is reciprocated. We help create positive energy when negativity is in the air. This is especially true when we’re the ones facing the challenge. People will feed off our positive energy and kindness and follow our example. 

So, when times get tough, remember to; be positive, be true, and be kind.

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