Today is St. Andrew’s Day! A day to celebrate the patron saint of Scotland and all things Scottish. St. Andrew’s Day is a time for us to come together and appreciate the rich Scottish culture, heritage, and history. If you are Scottish or not, you can take part in the festivities by enjoying some traditional Scottish dishes, listening to some bagpipe music, or wearing some tartan. Let us dive into what this day means and how you can celebrate it in style.

Learn About the Patron Saint of Scotland – St. Andrew

St. Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland who lived in the first century. Andrew was one of Jesus Christ’s twelve apostles and played a major role in spreading Christianity. His legacy is remembered in his homeland every year on the 30th of November by both religious and secular communities. Andrew died on the same cross shape that we now associate with Scotland’s flag, also known as the Saltire.

Embrace Scottish Food and Drink

No celebration can be complete without some delicious food and drink. Scottish cuisine is renowned worldwide for its hearty, warming, and satisfying dishes. Some of the traditional dishes you can try include Haggis, Neeps, and Tatties (turnip, potato, and haggis), Cullen skink (smoked haddock soup), Cranachan (whisky oatmeal dessert), and of course, Scottish whisky. You can make these yourself or find them in your local Scottish restaurants. Don’t forget to sample some Irn Bru, Scotland’s most popular soft drink.

Enjoy Scottish Music and Dance

Scotland is famous for its music and dance traditions. From the haunting sounds of bagpipes to the lively moves of Scottish ceilidh dancing, there is something for everyone. Look for Scottish traditional music by renowned artists like Runrig, Dougie MacLean, and The Corries. Check for local St. Andrew’s Day events happening in your area to enjoy some live music and ceilidhs.

Style up with Some Tartan

Tartan is a symbol of Scotland, and wearing some on St. Andrew’s Day is a popular way to celebrate the festivities. You can show your support by wearing a tartan scarf, kilt, or jacket. Tartan designs have meaning in Scottish culture e.g. the Black Watch Tartan represents the Royal Highland Regiment, while the Shepherd Check Tartan pays homage to farmers and shepherds.

Explore Scottish Culture and History

Scotland has a rich culture and history, and St. Andrew’s Day is a great opportunity to learn more about its heritage. You can visit famous Scottish landmarks such as Edinburgh Castle, Loch Ness, or the Scottish Islands, or you can check out Scottish art and literature at your local museum. You can also watch Scottish movies like Braveheart, Train spotting, and Trainspotting.

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