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Transform Lives and Make a Lasting Impact with Job Skills’ Board of Directors

Are you a business professional or lawyer looking for an opportunity to enhance your skills while contributing positively to society? Look no further because Job Skills is seeking individuals like you to join its Board of Directors. With a 35-year history of empowering individuals to secure meaningful employment, Job Skills’ programs and services impact over 15,000 individuals annually. Joining the Board of Directors enables you to shape Job Skills’ future, broaden your professional network, and enhance your resume while being an ambassador for a reputable organization. Keep reading to learn more about this fantastic opportunity.

Joining Job Skills’ Board of Directors provides you with a chance to make a lasting impact on your community. As a board member, you are responsible for analyzing and understanding Job Skills’ Mission and Vision, contributing to the strategic plan, and providing direction in collaboration with the Executive Director. Your expertise and business acumen are crucial to positively shaping Job Skills’ future. You can make a tangible difference by using your skills to empower Job Skills’ staff to continue their great work with community members to enhance their skills, secure meaningful employment, and contribute positively to society.

Being a member of Job Skills’ Board of Directors also broadens your professional network. As a board member, you will work closely with other professionals who share the same values as you. This opportunity will give you the chance to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and expand your professional circle. Since Job Skills has a 35-year history and an excellent reputation.

Joining Job Skills’ Board of Directors also makes you an ambassador for a reputable organization; you will be proud to discuss the work you do with Job Skills. By joining the board, you can help raise Job Skills’ profile in the community and contribute to its continued success. This role will allow you to strengthen your leadership skills, build your profile, and establish yourself as a community leader.

Adding Job Skills’ Board of Directors to your resume is also a significant accomplishment. By serving on the board, you demonstrate your commitment to community involvement, leadership, and social responsibility. Highlighting this experience and showcasing how you use your skills to make a meaningful impact will propel your career advancement.

Joining Job Skills’ Board of Directors is an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on your community, broaden your professional network, be an ambassador for a reputable organization, and enhance your resume. As a business professional or lawyer, your expertise and skills are valuable to Job Skills’ continued success. Take the first step towards making a lasting impact by applying today. Visit to learn more.

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