City on fire - staying positive

In today’s world, where we often find ourselves bombarded with negative news and surrounded by challenging circumstances, it can become incredibly difficult to remain positive. It seems like the weight of our own internal struggles is exacerbated by external events that take a heavy toll on our psyche and affect our overall mood and mental health. Whether it be the violence between Israel and the Palestinians in the Middle East or the war happening in Ukraine, or even the political unrest and divide across our own country, it can be easy to feel hopeless and insignificant in the grand scheme of things. However, it is crucial to remember that focusing on our own well-being is not selfish, but rather a necessity.

Destroyed Russian Tank - Trying to stay positive Oftentimes, when faced with dire circumstances, we tend to neglect our own needs and put them on the back burner. We may feel that in the face of global unrest and suffering, our own physical and mental health is inconsequential. But the truth is, if we are not healthy and mentally strong, we become less effective in helping those who need us, less productive in our activities, and overall, we just feel bad. Thus, regardless of what may be happening around us, no matter how dire the circumstances may feel, it is vital for each of us to focus on ourselves.

This does not mean that we have to devote every second of the day solely to self-care. It simply means that we must prioritize and carve out some time for ourselves, no matter what form it may take. Some individuals find solace and rejuvenation in physical exercise, while others may turn to meditation, yoga, or journaling. It is important to find the tools that work best for us personally. By doing so, we can recharge and replenish our own mental and emotional resources, which in turn enables us to navigate these difficult circumstances with greater resilience.

One effective strategy is to consciously disconnect from external influences that may contribute to our negative mindset. Taking time away from social media, which is often filled with negativity and doom-scrolling, can be incredibly beneficial for our mental well-being. Similarly, limiting exposure to news and media that constantly highlight distressing events can also have a positive impact on our overall mood.

Woman smiling, hugging herself, staying positiveInstead, redirecting our attention towards consuming positive or entertaining content can bring about a significant shift in our mindset. This may involve reading books that inspire us, watching feel-good movies or TV shows, or engaging in hobbies that bring us joy. By consciously making the choice to focus on positive aspects of our lives and environment, we can slowly cultivate a more positive outlook.

It is important to note that taking care of ourselves does not mean completely ignoring the issues at hand. Rather, it means finding a balance between acknowledging and contributing to the causes we care about, while also giving ourselves the care and attention we deserve. By acknowledging the importance of self-care, we recognize that in order to be of genuine assistance to others, we must first ensure our own well-being.



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