Some people may think they have the best job ever. However, it’s hard to argue that panda cuddler would be many people’s profession.

This may seem like a fake blog, but panda cuddler is an actual job. Imagine spending your day with an animal that does nothing but eats, sleeps, and play. You’d have to imagine that it wouldn’t even feel like work. Wake up every morning, throw on clothes, and cuddle with pandas. Considering many people would do this for free, this has to be the best job in the world.

According to the Good News Network, the Giant Panda Protection and Research Center hire professional panda cuddlers. For $32,000 per year, panda cuddlers spend every waking hour hugging and playing with pandas. The hours may seem long, and the lack of days off may cause some fatigue, but can this be considered work? Panda cuddlers are living out every ten-year-olds dream.

For Canadians interested in becoming a panda cuddler, you must move to China full-time. It is worth it. You might get homesick, and you might miss your family. However, the pandas you get to “work” with every day would probably make it easier.

At the time of this post, there are no open positions. However, if you’re interested in pursuing this opportunity, regularly check in on the GPPRC’s website.

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Hello I am 12 years old I’m very smart and I believe I am absolutely qualified for this job, in fact I will do it for free. Please take me into consideration. -Best regards, Sofia.

Please hold on to that love and spend a few more years growing!

on god tho me too bro i want this job so bad

That is such a beautiful job when i grow up i really wanna have this job

Is it compulsory to learn mandarin for this job?

I would love to apply for the job.


Can i apply this job? I’m from Sri Lanka and How can i apply this job?

Thank you,

Howdy, what’s the process to apply for this amazing job?

I would like to apply for this job. I love animals soooooo muuuuuchhhh!!!

I really want to apply for this job. And I would gladly do it for free.

Sincerely, Gab.

What age do need to be a panda cuddle

Hello, my name is Angelina. I might be young and everything, but I would gladly take this job even if I don’t get pay at all’ All I want is to just cuddle pandas (please notice me.)

-sincerely Angelina

Hey how do I apply for this job

How to apply for this job

greetings from Croatia …
my biggeat wish in the whole world is to be pandas cuddler , please can you tell me where to apply for job…
We dont even need to be payed

With love ,
Čičko & Matea

How do I apply for this job?

Hi my name is Duata and i wana cuddle your pandas ..tell me when to come . And I’ll be right there
Yours lovingly

How to apply for this job?

How do I apply?

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