Are you looking for a way to boost your fitness game? Squats might be the answer you’re looking for.

Squats are among the most popular exercises around, making them a staple in most fitness regimes. They are incredibly effective for toning your lower body and building strength, but squats offer many benefits that go beyond bulky muscles and toned thighs.

Squats can help to improve your overall athleticism, as well as your posture and balance. These movements engage the core, legs, hips, and glutes all at the same time. Engaging these muscles can help your body to better brace itself against many different movements and improve your coordination.

Squats also promote hip mobility and part of the improvement in this area comes from the stretching you do at the bottom of the squat. If you’re finding it difficult to stay balanced in the bottom position, then use a resistance band to create a more controlled stretch. This will help you move better and recruit more muscles during your squat.

Squats are also great for helping to increase your range of motion through your hips. This can help to relieve tension off your lower back, knee joints and hips and improve your flexibility. This can help to both perform better in certain sports and exercises, as well as play a role in injury prevention too.

Finally, away from the physical side, squats can also be a great confidence booster! Nothing feels quite as awesome as nail a new personal best in the gym. Beyond this, squats will help you to look fitter and stronger and you’ll be able to feel good about the progress that you’re making.

So, if you’re looking to move better and look bigger, squats should definitely be part of your fitness regime!


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