It’s a common courtesy to submit a two weeks’ notice prior to leaving your job. But before you do so, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of giving two weeks’ notice.

The Pros To Giving Two Weeks’ Notice

Provide Your Employer Time To Plan for Your Final Days

Giving two weeks’ notice is the most professional way of informing your employer of your departure. It gives them ample time to adjust to the change and plan accordingly. This might include hiring a replacement and training them or splitting up your duties among coworkers.

Create a Positive Relationship With Your Employer

Giving your employer notice when you’re leaving will ensure a smoother transition and show that you valued your time there. This can be beneficial if you ever come back, or if you have to provide a reference for a future job.

Retain Your Connections

If you give two weeks’ notice, you’ll have time to touch base with the people you’ve worked with and make sure the transition goes smoothly. This gives you the opportunity to acknowledge their positive impact on your career, and keep them in your professional network.

The Cons To Giving Two Weeks’ Notice

May Limit Your Exit Options

Giving two weeks’ notice might limit your options for how you leave the job. By giving notice, you could be giving your current employer the opportunity to discourage you from leaving, or even deny you the chance to work your full two weeks.

Extended Work May Not Benefit You

If you’re leaving for a better position, why not just move on as soon as possible? If you give two weeks’ notice and stay on the job, you may start to experience some demotivation. This could hinder your performance and leave a bad impression during your final days on the job.

Two Weeks Might be Too Long

Giving your employer too much notice could make them complacent when it comes to replacing you. Even though they have adequate time to find a replacement, they may procrastinate and let those two weeks pass without making any real effort.

Overall, the decision of whether or not to give two weeks’ notice should be based on the particular circumstances of your job and the organization. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons carefully before making your decision.


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