Group of young people sitting on conference together.

Youth job seekers who participate in pre-employment workshops give themselves an advantage while entering the job market. 

When participating in pre-employment workshops, youth add to their toolbox and leave them more confident when taking on new challenges. Pre-employment workshops strengthen the youths existing skillset and address their weaknesses head-on. Youth will develop the knowledge to become productive employees and impress future employers when fully engaged in learning.

Sometimes when job searching, youth can find themselves stuck. It’s natural to get stuck in a rut occasionally. Attending pre-employment workshops will remove youth from their routine. Spending time with other youth job seekers can stimulate creativity and problem-solving. This, in turn, will help move youth forward and increases their motivation while job searching. 

The Youth Job Connection initiative is designed to provide valuable pre-employment training, mentorship and work opportunities for youth who experience multiple or complex barriers to employment.

Through YJC, youth will clarify their employment goals and develop employment service plans, using activities and services designed to meet those goals. Youth will have the ability to participate in pre-employment workshops designed to improve job readiness and life skills and paid job placements that range from a few days to a maximum of six months. Youth Job Connection (YJC) includes 60 hours, and Youth Job Connection Summer (YJCS) consists of 20 hours of workshops, which provide a minimum wage stipend to participants.

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