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There is no time in history that we have seen a job market as robust as it is. Yet, the youth unemployment rate is still fluctuating and indicating a weak job market for youth. The question is, why are youth facing barriers to employment when the labour market has more jobs than employees? Job Skills’ You Fit program addresses a glaring problem and provides youth job seekers access to opportunities.

Job Skills recognizes that for youth to reach their employment goals, it’s vital that we close the knowledge gaps. Industry professionals and mature workers retain valuable information and institutional knowledge critical to grooming the younger generation. The youth job market demands mentorship and guidance. People with lived experience and industry know-how helping map out youth employment success is a critical step toward closing the youth unemployment rate.

Job Skills’ You Fit program works with participants so that they can learn about current job search techniques and strategies that will assist them with their employment search. Job Skills’ You Fit staff are dedicated to employment preparation and ensuring participants are equipped with the necessary tools, skills, and knowledge to succeed. Participants receive ongoing coaching and job search support. Staff share their knowledge with participants and mentor youth, so they feel confident when they enter the workforce.

Closing the knowledge gap and improving access to opportunity is vital to improving the youth unemployment rate. Job Skills’ You Fit Program provides participants with the mentorship and guidance necessary for success.

 The You Fit program provides personalized employment solutions for young people not currently in education, employment, training, or enrolled in educational activities. The program identifies and provides the support needed for success by increasing your employability skills through a concentrated five-day intensive “boot camp” program.

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