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6 Characteristics Employers look for in New Employees

Characteristics for New Employees

Part of the job-hunting process involves trying to figure out what employers look for when hiring new employees. You don’t necessarily have to be a mind reader to know what corporate headhunters are interested in. But you do have to have a sense of what motivates people.

It can be challenging to come up with a general list of the expectations employers have for job applicants. Often this is because there are so many variables involved. Each workplace is different, and each particular position is unique. However, here are a few generalities that you can draw from:

1. An upbeat attitude: Employers want job applicants who are enthusiastic both for work assignments and for their companies. They want new hires that are enthusiastic about their futures and the future of their particular business. It is essential that employees remain upbeat because nothing gets accomplished with a negative attitude.

2. A willingness to learn: There is a learning curve that is involved in all jobs. Therefore, a new hire mustn’t believe that he or she knows it all. He or she must have the humility to learn an operation from the ground up. There may be a countless number of things a new employee must learn, everything from deadline schedules to the boss’ work style. If an employee is not willing to learn, he or she will not grow, and the company could suffer as a result.

3. The ability to take criticism: New hires must be willing to accept constructive criticism with grace and style. Far too often, people become defensive if they receive criticism. As a result, they erect walls that are difficult to break through. Employees must be willing to learn from their mistakes.

4. Original thinkers: In today’s highly competitive workplace, it is beneficial that new hires be original thinkers. Workers should be willing to break through the mould so that they can accomplish their ambitious goals. It is encouraged that employees conform to the workplace rules; it is also known they should have the courage to think ‘outside the box.’

5. Strength of character:  Employees will face many challenges in their careers, so it is essential to have a strong character. Employers will look for employees who can demonstrate trustworthiness, commitment, and compassion, as these are the types of traits that are not learnt through on-the-job training.

6. Flexibility: Another significant ingredient for success is flexibility. Employees must have the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. They shouldn’t be rigid in their thinking. Instead, they must be willing to pitch in and help the team even when a particular duty is not in their job description.

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