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Transitioning from education to employment can be exhausting and confusing for new graduates. Many recent grads aren’t sure what their first move should be and how to break into their respective fields. It can also be challenging to manage their expectations and take a realistic path. Post-secondary institutes don’t always prepare grads to lay out their career roadmap.

Job Skills offers new graduates entering the workforce solutions to develop a strong job search strategy. Job Skills’ employment consultants help job seekers identify realistic jobs, wages, and commutes. Job Skills works with graduates to explore their transferable skill set and what employment opportunities are available. Job seekers will start with a job search with a realistic employment plan and a complete analysis of A, B, and C jobs.

An A job is a job seeker’s dream job. It’s usually what they went to school for, and they have a passion for the work. It’s everything that a job seeker wants to accomplish. C jobs Are also known as survival jobs. It’s a job to pay the bills. B job is not necessarily a job seeker’s dream job. However, it’s a job that will help people build the skills they need to move into their dream job. B jobs allow young workers to develop their skill sets, gain valuable experience, and prepare themselves for their future.

The You Fit program provides personalized employment solutions for young people not currently in education, employment, training, or enrolled in educational activities. The program identifies and provides the support needed for success by increasing your employability skills through a concentrated five-day intensive “boot camp” program.

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