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Finding the perfect job is always challenging. It can be a frustrating experience to go through the job search process. However, stay positive, be patient, and whatever you do, don’t give up on your job search.

Understandably, people grow frustrated while going through the job search process, especially if it’s prolonged. Staying positive during a job search can be difficult, especially if you’re being invited to job interviews and not getting the job or putting in lots of resumes and not getting callbacks. Rejection is discouraging, and we lose our confidence.

We must continue to move forward – keep the momentum going. Think about it this way, it’s like pushing a car – it isn’t easy at first and takes lots of energy, but once the wheels start rolling in, it starts moving, and it gets easier. If somebody slams the brakes, we have to start all over again. So, you might feel like you want to give up on your job search. The negative feeling may be beginning to overtake your psyche. Try to stay positive and look at the good things you have in your life. Remember, it will happen. You will get a job.

You may want to re-evaluate your job search approach. Are you applying for the right jobs? Are you qualified for the job you’re applying for? Are your expectations too high? Are they too low? Are you applying for enough jobs? Are you applying for too many jobs? These are all questions you have to ask yourself while going through this process.

There is no perfect answer about how somebody should approach job searching. However, it’s essential when we’re not reaching our goals, that we continuously re-evaluate how we’re job searching. Try to change gears and re-energize yourself. Make sure you’re not giving up.

It sounds easier said than done, but you must be patient while you’re job searching. A big mistake that job seekers make is they believe they must send out a maximum number of resumes daily. I encourage job seekers to take the “quality over quantity” approach. To shorten your job search, you must give each posting the attention it deserves. Rewrite your cover letter and resume for each job you’re applying for. Customize it to outline how your qualities and skill set match the employer’s expectations. Don’t just keep sending the same resume out to different companies. Set a goal and apply for two to three jobs a day. Taking the quality approach and customizing your resume for each job you’re applying for will pay off.

Remember that it’s OK to get frustrated. Try talking about your feelings with a family member or friend. Talk out the problem, reset your goals, and get yourself back on track. Keep pursuing your job search. Just have patience and put in that little bit of extra work the perfect job is out there for you.

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